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California Medical Marijuana Routine Consultations for New Patients

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Routine Consultation

Cannabis can be a life-transforming medicine, but everyone considering it approaches it from their own unique perspective and needs.  The Consultation is intended for those who have want more information before endeavoring to use Cannabis or questions and concerns about their particular situation and how it relates to using Cannabis  to relieve their symptoms and improve their wellbeing.

Drawing on the scientific literature and 20+ years of experience, Dr. Vollen will provide sound answers to patients seeking reliable information and advice.  Consultations are highly personalized and are designed to address each patient’s particular need – from  the Cannabis skeptic to the Cannabis  connoisseur.

Consultations  are NOT designed to persuade anyone to use Cannabis. Rather, they are intended to help individuals make their own informed decisions about Cannabis use, based on reliable information and time-tested clinical experience.

Patients complete a comprehensive intake form that takes most patients 10-15 minutes to complete.. The form includes medical history, current medications, and the patient’s goals for the consultation. It is reviewed by Dr. Vollen in advance of the scheduled appointment.

How long is a Routine Consultation?

The consultation with the physician lasts up to 25 minutes., which is sufficient for  most adult patients seeking symptom relief to get the information they seek on appropriate Cannabis use.  Cancer Patients, Pediatric Patients, Seizure Patients, and those seeking Elder Care for their loved ones should schedule for Complex Consultations, which provide the time necessary to review complicated medical situations and the potential role of Cannabis in a more complicated context.

What outcome can I expect?

The goal of the Consultation is to answer your questions and concerns and provide the information you want about Cannabis to help you use it effectively. Many patients use the Consultation  to decide if Cannabis is right for them. .  Dr. Vollen will help you understand the process and cost of medicating your symptoms with Cannabis.  She will also look at any Cannabis products you already have and determine if they are useful for you.

The Consultation provides evidence-based, scientifically grounded guidance, not the Cannabis-promoting hype that would have you believe that CBD will cure almost everything. Naturally Healing MD is not in the business of selling product. Instead, it bases its guidance on the scientific literature and the physician’s long term experience with thousands of patients.

If you decide that Cannabis is a good fit for you but want more guidance, on product, dose, and process of adjustment,  you are welcome to sign up for a Personalized Treatment Plan Package.

How should I schedule?

You can schedule a consultation online. If you do not see an appointment that meets your needs, please call the office at (510) 550-7500.

What is the cost?

The fee for the Consultation is $99.  Scheduling an appointment requires a valid credit card, which will only be charged  at the conclusion of the appointment.

For those patients unable to pay by credit card, please contact the office at : (510) 550-7500 so we can make alternative arrangements.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

To get the most from your appointment, Naturally Healing MD urges you to read the Introductory Guide before your appointment. It will give you the basics of Cannabis medicine, so you can more easily understand the information provided  during your appointment.

If you want to further enhance your understanding of Naturally Healing MD’s approach, you can watch the hour long on-line video of Dr. Vollen’s San Francisco library talk, which will introduce you to her, the science behind cannabis, and a few patients who share their medicinal cannabis experiences with viewers.