California County Card

State of California’s County-Issued Medical Marijuana Identification Card

In order to be exempt from 9.25% sales tax added in Alameda County on all Cannabis sales, you must have both a physicians recommendation (which Naturally Healing MD provides) and a valid county-issued medical marijuana identification card. The county-issued card does not spare you ALL the taxes, only the 9.25% of sales tax. Instructions on how to obtain the County Card are provided below.

To help patients obtain the county-issued card, Naturally Healing MD has scouted out the process and developed a packet to help patients complete the process.The State Card packet includes a guide to the process, the application you must complete in advance, and telephone numbers for the facilities issuing the county-issued card.

If you currently spend about $100/month or more on cannabis products, it is going to be worth your while to obtain a medical marijuana recommendation and then the State’s county-issued card which costs $100 ($50 for MediCal patients).

The State’s county-issued card also provides extra protection if you are challenged by law enforcement for possessing, growing, or transporting personal use cannabis within the limits authorized by California’s law. It is the only form of identification California police are authorized to accept as confirmation of a valid medical marijuana recommendation.

It is also accepted at all California dispensaries as proof of status as a medical marijuana patient.