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The inspiration for Naturally Healing MD came from over 30 years of clinical experience working with patients seeking traditional remedies for chronic condition. Shortly after passage of California’s Proposition 215, Naturally Healing’s founding physician, Dr. Laurie Vollen, began learning from her patients about the tremendous benefits they were deriving from the use of medical marijuana for a myriad of conditions and the absence of undesired side effects. Some patients reported that medical marijuana was a better remedy for chronic or recurring symptoms – like back pain, headaches, and anxiety – than traditional pharmaceuticals they had been prescribed. Other patients reported that medical marijuana use was transformational in their lives. For these patients, marijuana provided access to a state of physical and mental wellbeing that they had never before experienced. Since 2000, Naturally Healing’s lead physician has worked with and been inspired by medical marijuana patients. Naturally Healing MD was founded to provide comprehensive services for patients seeking to address their medical needs through safe and effective medical marijuana practices. Designed for individuals who want individualized and comprehensive care, Naturally Healing MD provides patients with the guidance and support they need to safely benefit from the many medicinal properties of marijuana.

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