Field Trip to Synergy Wellness Medical Cannabis Dispensary

As part of my Dispensary Field Trip Series, I recently had the distinct pleasure of visiting Synergy Wellness  ( in Marin County. It was there that I found what is sorely missing elsewhere in the Bay Area: A CBD MECCA!

Synergy Wellness is a medical only dispensary with a few hoops to jump through before ordering,  but well worth the effort. It has the largest selection of CBD products ANYWHERE that I know of in the Bay Area.  READ MORE

At Synergy Wellness, it seems like all forms of high CDB products in the medicinal cannabis world have found refuge in this niche dispensary, founded by Leonard Leinow in 2009 and going strong today. Not only is the selection impressive, but the prices are right. Many of Synergy’s high quality products are priced considerably lower than other comparable products – if you can find them. And there is nowhere else that has the breadth of choices Synergy offers.

Leonard has been collecting high CBD strains for a decade or so and has nearly a dozen different strains with significant CBD concentrations. Because he has the seeds for these plants, which he supplies to his growers, he can control the genetics of his plants and thus maintain a steady supply of genetically stable products.

Sustainability is one of the trickiest parts of going medicinal with Cannabis. Once you find a medicine that works for you, it is frustrating not to be able to find it again. That has been the experience of a number of patients in the wake of the 2016 California Adult Use Act, which resulted in considerable changes in medicinal product availability.

Synergy Wellness has weathered that storm and has been providing a steady supply of products that are made from the same genetic material, with the same production process, and provided in the same form, for years now, and hopefully will continue to do so for years to come.

Below are just a few selections from their product line that I find particularly relevant for the patients I work with. There are many others. I encourage you to visit and have a look for yourself.

I have also done a cost analysis of Synergy CBD’s products per mg of CBD. As many patients know, lab tested, marijuana derived CBD is expensive. For those interested in lowering their costs and who know how to inhale, Synergy’s ACDC flower (see description below) costs 8 cents per mg of CBD – and is reliably available.

For those who don’t know how to inhale and are ready to learn, sign up for Naturally Healing MD’s free Inhalation 101 Class!


ACDC is a very high CBD strain that ranges from 16-20% CBD, with extremely low levels of THC (in the vicinity of 0.3%). This is my recommended go-to strain for anxiety. For those that have taken my Inhalation 101 course, one to two “baby spoons” of this strain is highly effective in alleviating or preventing anxiety. It is also an excellent strain for mixing with high dose THC strains,  to lower the concentration of THC to medicinal doses. The price is also right: $50/3.5 grams. This equates to an average price of 8 cents per mg of CBD.


For those who prefer tinctures to inhaled flower, Synergy CBD has a robust high CBD product line, including two ACDC tinctures. One is an Olive Oil based product and the other is alcohol based. The Olive Oil ACDC product is more suitable for sublingual absorption while the alcohol product is typically mixed with liquid and swallowed.  At $60 per ounce, the ACDC tincture is approximately 12 cents per mg of CBD.

Inhalation versus Tinctures

In comparing costs across different modes of administration, remember: inhalation is more efficient than sublingual or gastric absorption. Far more of 1 mg inhaled dose will get into your system than  a 1 mg dose of tincture. So if you are looking to save money, inhalation is the way to go!