Cancer Care

California Medical Marijuana Recommendation Renewals

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What should I expect?

Numerous studies have found that cannabis can be particularly useful in the treatment of some cancer-related symptoms, including chemo-induced nausea and vomiting, pain, and anxiety.

Additionally, cannabis has been repeatedly found to be anti-carcinogenic in numerous scientifically sound cell and animal studies. Only recently have rigorous efforts been undertaken to fully define how best to deploy cannabis as an anti-carcinogen to help prevent and/or treat cancer.

Cancer care appointments are designed to give patients with cancer information and guidance about the use of cannabis to address symptoms and the latest information on the potential value of cannabis as an anti-carcinogen.

Naturally Healing MD does not provide high dose treatment plans for cancer, but does provide local resources that are engaged in high dose protocols.

How should I schedule?

All patients seeking Cancer Care should call the office to schedule at (510) 550-7500.

What is the cost?

Cancer care appointments are $250

Can Marijuana help me?

Cannabis is very effective in alleviating many of the symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy, including anxiety, nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite.

Cannabis has many anti- carcinogenic properties that might significantly contribute to reducing a patient’s cancer burden or preventing its occurrence.

How long will the appointment take?

Please allow for 90 minutes for Cancer Care appointments, if you have completed the intake questionnaire in advance of your appointment. This includes parking, physician visit and production of medical marijuana recommendation.

What should I bring?

Any diagnostic reports describing the nature of the cancer diagnosis and any information on treatment plans, if they are available to you, should be brought to your appointment.

How should I prepare for the appointment?

Naturally Healing MD will mail or email to you the intake questionnaire in advance of your appointment to complete.

Additionally, it would be very useful if you could review the New Patient Guide on-line. This will provide you with basic information on cannabis, so that your appointment can focus on your specific needs and desires.

What will I get?

You will receive a medical marijuana recommendation (if your symptoms are likely to respond to medical marijuana’s medicinal properties).

Recommendations are Internet verifiable and valid for one year and can be presented to any dispensary in California where you can obtain medicinal marijuana.

If you are seeking symptom relief, you will receive a treatment plan, which includes specific product recommendations, initial dosing instructions and a schedule for adjusting dosage.

If you are seeking treatment options for the cancer itself, you will receive guidance on dosage options and Bay Area providers.