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“I was able to discuss with my mother that medical marijuana might be an alternative and she agreed to come to see you for an informative appointment.

After her visit with you, she began to use a variety of edibles/drops/strips. She now gets a good night’s sleep 5-6 nights a week. Getting the rest she needs affects the rest of her day… more energy, better balance, better mood. In addition, she has experienced much less pain in her knees (which is something she has lived with since she was a child); blood pressure medication had to be adjusted as her blood pressure levels dropped; and it seems to have relaxed her vocal cords minimizing creakiness when she talks.

Perhaps the best effect is my mother’s joy in using cannabis. Mother came to California six years ago. She has spent most of her life in Minnesota, Alaska or Missouri. She is not particularly religious, and to my joy… a liberal at heart. She giggles with delight when I send her home with new strips. Puts them in her purse and says things like “Wouldn’t they just die if they knew I was doing this!” It has been a wonderful bonding experience for both of us. Thank you so much for putting her at ease with this.”


Daughter of 94 year old mother, Vallejo, CA