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“My mom’s stroke caused her to lose sensation in half her body except that she would get horrible instantaneous bouts of pain. The therapist described it as hypersensitivity. The doctor called it stroke related neuropathic pain. As sensation returned the bouts of pain grew longer and more frequent leaving my mom in tears for hours. Her advanced kidney disease ruled out most pain killers and when a friend suggested marijuana we decided to ask her nephrologist. With the go ahead on that front now we needed sound advice. My mom had never tried recreational marijuana and did not want to get high or lose any more mental acuity so she was reluctant. So we wanted to find someone to give us some good advice.

Dr. Vollen gave us helpful background on THC and CBD. She advised us on how to consume and dosing.

My mom’s pain was cured on a very low dose but even better was her blood pressure. Over the years my mom has been put on dozens of blood pressure medications. Most of them failed to work usually while producing nasty side effects. One caused a dangerous spike in her Potassium levels that almost led to a hospitalization but no discernible effect on blood pressure.

As a result before her stroke my mom’s blood pressure was out of control. At the hospital they got it to ~145/90 with three different‭ medications. We were still seeing spikes up to 160/110 on occasion. The low dose of marijuana has brought this down to ~115/70 with very rare readings (usually if we forget a dose) back up closer to 140.

We’re ecstatic. My mom’s stroke risk has plummeted, she’s not in pain and she won’t have to try any more medications and their scary side effects. As for the marijuana the only bad thing is a small increase in appetite.”


Daughter of 78 year old mother, Berkeley, CA