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This is one example of how Medical Marijuana has helped me.

I have a disability, even though it’s invisible, it is still a formidable disability.  It is a language disability.  I have had it all my life.   I have always had problems with words…spelling, writing, speaking.  So finally, at age 50… I’m 68 now… I got tested for a learning disability.  I was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder.  I don’t understand it completely.  It’s very complex, but what I do know is that the part of my brain that processes sounds to form words is disabled.   So, my brain uses other parts of the brain to do this processing and it isn’t very efficient or accurate.   When I speak, I make mistakes.  It is very difficult for me to find the right words I want to use, so I end up stumbling over words, or using the wrong words, or saying nothing.
I also mispronounce words–even simple words.  All this causes me to feel embarrassed.

I started using Medical Marijuana moderately about three years ago.  Since then, I have experienced a greater ability to retrieve the words I want and to better pronounce words.  This improvement not only happens when I’ve been smoking marijuana, but I also experience improvement when I haven’t been smoking.  It’s becoming easier to converse with people.  Now, I don’t feel so fearful that I will feel embarrassed when I simply talk.


68 year old Artisan