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Cannabinoid Treatments: Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Investigators at the University of California at San Diego reported in 2008 that inhaled cannabis significantly reduced objective measures of pain intensity and spasticity in patients with MS in a placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Investigators concluded that “smoked cannabis was superior to placebo in reducing spasticity and pain in patients with multiple sclerosis and provided some benefit beyond currently prescribed treatment.”

BBC NEWS: Cannabis effects on MS trialled

Patients are being recruited for a trial to determine whether chemicals in cannabis can slow the impact of multiple sclerosis. Evidence suggests the drug may relieve symptoms but the three-year national trial is also to determine whether it slows the disease's...

Multiple sclerosis changes man's outlook on marijuana

Today, at age 54, Timmons is mostly bedridden and rarely sees the outside of his Garland home. What he lacks in physical ability, however, he more than makes up for with his ardent support for legalizing marijuana for seriously ill people. In fact, he has become the...

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Marijuana

Some people with MS report that smoking marijuana relieves several of their MS symptoms. However, for any therapy to be recognized as an effective treatment, this kind of subjective, anecdotal reporting needs to be supported by carefully gathered objective evidence of...

Marijuana Chemical May Slow Multiple Sclerosis

In lieu of curing a debilitating disease, the next best thing scientists can do is slow its progression and create better treatments. Armed with a $1.5 million National Institutes of Health grant, Temple researchers are studying more effective ways to treat multiple...

Smoking Pot Doesn't Harm Brain Function – UCSD Study

Los Angeles -- Smoking marijuana will certainly affect perception, but it does not cause permanent brain damage, researchers from the University of California at San Diego said on Friday in a study. "The findings were kind of a surprise. One might have expected to see...

Cannabinoid System in Neuroprotection, Raphael Mechoulam PhD

Raphael Mechoulam PhD presents explanation of cannabinoid receptors. Why would our cells have receptors specifically intended to receive cannabinoids if we were not meant to be assimilated into the body?

This is an excellent video and focuses on the scientific data to support Raphael Mechoulam PhD assertions.

Cannabis-Based Medicine Trial: Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity

A six-week, placebo-controlled clinical trial of an oral spray drug derived from whole cannabis plants (Sativex® -- GW Pharmaceuticals, Salisbury, UK) involving 189 individuals with multiple sclerosis showed positive changes in a self-reported measurement of...