Hydroponics is an indoor gardening method using a grow box or grow tent system that produces organic plants, herbs, and vegetables using only grow lights, water, and nutrients. Growing with a hydroponic system is much faster than traditional gardening. Using hydroponics technology enables the grower to harvest every 30-60 days.

Indoor hydroponics gardening using a grow box or grow tent is also more efficient than traditional gardening. If you need help picking out your perfect hydroponics system, please contact Dealzer hydroponics at 888-493-7681 or send them an email at sales@dealzer.com All of their hydroponic systems have been tested for stealth, and are ensured to be quiet and odor free. Also, their hydroponics grow systems are designed for minimal electricity usage and very low heat output. Ask about their award winning hydroponics grow box systems and LED grow lights. Dealzer provides free consultation and free tech support for the life of your product.

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