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What conditions qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation?

Marijuana has been used safely to effectively treat dozens – if not hundreds – of conditions, such as pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic gastrointestinal problems, headaches, ADHD-like symptoms, nausea, muscle spasm, arthritis, mood disorders, stress disorders, PTSD symptoms, PMS, menstrual cramps, multiple sclerosis symptoms, and glaucoma. Marijuana is one of the most versatile medicines available today – and safer than many of the prescription medicines currently prescribed for many ailments.

Although marijuana helps AIDS and cancer patients, , you do not need a life-threatening diagnosis to benefit from marijuana. California’s Proposition 215 allows physicians to provide recommendations for any illness “for which marijuana provides relief.” Working with your condition and finding ways to use medical marijuana to help treat the symptoms you experience is what Naturally Healing MD can help you do!

What should I bring to my appointment at the Naturally Healing MD?

Yourself and your California identification- if you have one. Otherwise, bring your passport.

Medical records are not required, but if you have them available and they will help explain your condition, bring them to help inform the physician about your medical history.

How long will the appointment take?

Naturally Healing MD appointments are geared towards the patient’s needs. First-time evaluations are allotted up to one hour and renewals up to a half hour, with shorter appointment times available for veteran users who are interested in quick, on-time appointment, services.

What is a medical marijuana recommendation?

A “recommendation” is a written document provided by a California licensed physician or osteopath stating that a particular individual qualifies for medical marijuana use under the California Compassionate Use Act (Proposition 215).

A written verifiable recommendation and a California identification are all that dispensaries or delivery services require to sell medical marijuana to their patients.

Do you provide “cards”?

Yes. Naturally Healing MD does provide wallet-sized identification cards that many (although not all) dispensaries will accept instead of your written recommendation. Cards are $15 and can be more convenient to carry in a wallet or purse, but are NOT REQUIRED in order to get access to California’s medical marijuana.

Where do I get medical marijuana?

There are many dispensaries and delivery services operating in California. Alternatively, patients can also grow marijuana. If you choose to purchase your medicine from a dispensary or delivery service, Naturally Healing MD strongly recommends that you buy only LAB TESTED products.

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