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Is Marijuana Right For Me?

“I am productive and focused. And best of all I’m full of positive energy. Attended by 50th HS reunion recently. I was able to stay engaged in conversations longer and communicate more clearly.”

A.C. – Retired school principal, gardener, and potter, Berkeley, CA

Is Marijuana Right For Me?

“I am productive and focused. And best of all I’m full of positive energy. Attended by 50th HS reunion recently. I was able to stay engaged in conversations longer and communicate more clearly.”

A.C. – Retired school principal, gardener, and potter, Berkeley, CA

Is Marijuana Right For Me?

“I got CBD capsules and I can’t tell you how much it’s changed my life. I take one capsule a day and I have a cream that is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

G.A. – 69 year old retiree, formerly working in retail sales

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Serving the Bay Area community since 2000, Naturally Healing MD provides comprehensive medical services for patients seeking to address their medical needs through the safe and effective use of medical marijuana. Designed for individuals who want personalized, discrete, and comprehensive care by an experienced physician, Board Certified in Clinical Preventive Medicine, Naturally Healing MD provides patients with the guidance and support they need to harness the medicinal properties of medical marijuana to alleviate their symptoms and improve their sense of well-being.


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A message from the Founder – Laurie Vollen, M.D., MPH

The Times They Are a-Changin’
(Bob Dylan, 1964)

As we move into a new era, with the advent of recreational marijuana in the state of California slated for 2018, Naturally Healing MD looks forward to this change as an opportunity to refocus on its real passion: helping patients develop a safe and effective medicinal marijuana practice. And I look forward to working with patients who come to Naturally Healing MD, not because they have to, but because they want to.

Since 1996, California’s Proposition 215 required medical marijuana patients to obtain a physician recommendation in order to get access to authorized medical marijuana dispensaries. Beginning in 2018, a new piece of legislation, Proposition 64, passed in 2016, will provide marijuana access to all adults (age 21 or older) through so-called “recreational” dispensaries, slated to open sometime in 2018.

With the implementation of Proposition 64 and the opening of recreational Marijuana dispensaries, many users will skip the doctors visit and head straight to the dispensary.

Truth be told, I was never thrilled with my role in the old Proposition 215 framework. Most patients came to see me for the sole purpose of qualifying for legal access under California Proposition 215, not for what I think they most needed: expert guidance on using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Over the years, I have tried to address the need for medical guidance within the confines of Proposition 215, where patients typically see a physician briefly once per year. But infrequent visits for a primarily administrative purpose limited the impact Naturally Healing MD could have on helping patients effectively use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Now, in anticipation of the change, we are beginning to align our services with our underlying passion to provide guidance. New services are now being offered, geared toward both “Cannabis-Naive” patients, like the First Time Package, and veteran users, like the Micro-Dosing Methods and Cannabis Chemovars classes. And for those who wish to maintain their medical marijuana status under Proposition 215, we will continue to issue physician recommendations!

This is the Big Bang Era of Marijuana – rapid expansion of business, product, and marketplace – with an overwhelming emphasis on recreating or “getting high.” Finding a path to effective medicinal marijuana has always been challenging and may become even more so in the future. Naturally Healing MD is dedicated to helping patients on that path by providing the support they need to learn to use medicinal marijuana effectively.

Is Marijuana Right For Me?
There are many symptoms that can be safely and effectively alleviated through the use of marijuana. It is the most versatile natural remedy known today, with over 2000 years of usage to treat a wide variety of symptoms. Patients seen at Naturally Healing MD represent this wide spectrum of conditions medical marijuana is useful for. Among the most common conditions seen at Naturally Healing MD are insomnia, chronic pain (especially back and neck pain, chronic headaches, and arthritis) and anxiety. A large number of patients are looking for alternatives to prescription pills – like pain killers, anti- depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and sleeping pills – because they are suffering from their side-effects. Those facing a major medical diagnosis, such as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, or multiple sclerosis, find marijuana to be an enormously valuable resource in their efforts to cope with the otherwise debilitating consequences of these conditions. There are a number of psychological conditions that patients have found relief from through marijuana, including depression, attention-deficit disorder, mood disorders, and chronic insomnia. If you are suffering from chronic symptoms or drug side effects that significantly detract from your quality of your life, medical marijuana may help you.
How Can I Benefit From Marijuana?
Marijuana is one of the safest medications available today. By learning how to use marijuana effectively, many patients can manage a wide variety of problems – like insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety – without experiencing the debilitating side-effects many prescription drugs cause. The major side-effect patients experience with marijuana is “feeling good.” Marijuana can deliver relief cost-effectively – without the expense entailed in prescription medication.
What For of Marijuana is Best for Me?
There are four ways of administering medical marijuana: inhalation, sub-lingual drops, edibles, and topical treatments. Each is different and determining which method is best depends on the condition being treated and patient preferences. At Naturally Healing MD, we explore with each patient the best method for their condition and make specific recommendations as to what form of marijuana is most appropriate to their needs.
What Strain is Best for Me?
There are over 600 strains of marijuana available in California? At Naturally Healing MD, each patient is given the tools they need to choose an appropriate medical marijuana product that can meet their needs, including choosing between indica and sativa, desirable THC concentrations, and Cannabidiol levels. Understanding the key components of marijuana, the importance of knowing THC concentration and Cannabidiol concentrations, and what a proper “dose” of medical marijuana is the safest and most effective way to make marijuana work for you!

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