Medical Marijuana Evaluations

First Time Evaluations
For patients who have never had a California medical Marijuana recommendation.First time evaluations determine eligibility for a physician recommendation under Proposition 215 – required for access to California medical marijuana dispensaries and exemption from sales tax on all marijuana purchases. Qualifying patients receive a one year, internet verifiable recommendation and free access to all Naturally Healing MD classes. $99

For patients with current or expired medical marijuana Recommendations issued by any California licensed physician. Qualifying patients receive a one year internet verifiable recommendation and access to all Naturally Healing MD free classes. $75

On-line Renewals
For patients previously seen at Naturally Healing MD patients, with current or expired recommendations. $60

Treatment Plans

Personalized Treatment Plans, developed in concert with the patient, provide expert guidance for symptom relief using cannabis products. The symptom-specific Plan includes recommended product, initiation dose, process for adjusting dose and maintenance dosages. Treatment Plans offer a safe, rationale, and controlled means of finding the product that works best for you! Treatment Plans are available in conjunction with first time evaluations, renewals, and are included in the First Time Package. $39

Medication Management

To help patients cultivate an effective medical marijuana practice that meets their needs, Naturally Healing MD offers affordable follow-up care that helps patients effective optimize their medical marijuana usage. Medication Management appointments provide the quickest route to optimizing marijuana usage for alleviating symptoms, improved functioning, and achieving a sense of well-being. $49

Medical Marijuana Photo ID

A wallet size medical marijuana identification card, accepted by most dispensaries in lieu of 8”x10” written document. $15

First-Time & New Patient Package

A bundle that includes medical marijuana recommendation, wallet size medical marijuana identification card, a personalized Treatment Plan, a follow-up medication management appointment to assess progress and readjust plan, and access to all Naturally Healing MD classes. Introductory Price: $159.

House Calls

Naturally Healing MD serves house-bound and physically challenged patients within a three mile radius of its office. House call services include evaluations, renewals, and on-going support. Please call to schedule. Add $100 to regular service charge.

Caregiver Recommendations

Recommendations for caregivers of Naturally Healing MD patients needing access to medicinal dispensaries on behalf of Naturally Healing MD patients. $49

Special Needs Consultations

For cancer patients, opioid or alcohol addiction, and end-of-life care, Special Needs Consultations are tailored to provide the level of assistance that these conditions warrant, with pre-visit information, up-to-date scientific information, individualized treatment recommendations and on-going support. Please call the office to schedule. $199