Patient Evaluation Renewals

California Medical Marijuana Recommendation Renewals

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Can I get a renewal of my medical marijuana recommendation?

Yes. Naturally Healing MD provides renewals for patients with current or expired medical marijuana recommendations issued by any California licensed physician.

Our renewals are designed to provide you with the most up to date information on new developments and resources for effective use of medical marijuana to treat your symptoms.

To schedule your renewal, call (510) 550-7500 for an appointment or schedule on line.

What should I bring?

Bring a California ID (or passport) and a copy of your old recommendations. Medical records are always welcome, to better inform the physician about your medical history, but are not required.

What should I expect?

Please allot thirty minutes for completing the renewal process. Your time with the physician is geared toward helping you meet your medical needs through safe and effective medical marijuana practices.
Many veteran medical marijuana patients benefit from the information Naturally Healing MD provides during the renewal process, focusing on the latest information relevant to each patient’s particular condition and needs.