New Patient Evaluations

California Medical Marijuana Recommendations

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What should I expect?

For patients who have never had a California medical marijuana recommendation, Naturally Healing’s first-time evaluations are more than just a determination of whether or not a patient qualifies for a medical marijuana recommendation. New patient evaluations are designed to help patients apply the ever-increasing body of knowledge about medical marijuana to their own needs, so that they can develop effective medical marijuana practices. To schedule your first-time evaluation, call (510) 550-7500 for an appointment or schedule on line.

Can Marijuana help me?

Many symptoms and medical conditions can be alleviated through medical marijuana, including pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, and a variety of mood disorders.

Patients seen at Naturally Healing MD range from individuals suffering from occasional bouts of pain (such as headaches or menstrual cramps), to patients with chronic problems (such as arthritis, back pain, depression, insomnia, and anxiety disorders), to patients with life threatening diseases (such as cancer, AIDs, and advanced neurological disease). Often patients have two or more conditions – such as arthritis and intermittent insomnia – that are appropriately managed through therapeutic medical marijuana use.

How Long will it take?

Please allot one hour for completing the first-time evaluation and recommendation process. This includes obtaining a brief history, establishing treatment goals, determining appropriate marijuana products, and suggestions for beginning to use medical marijuana in a safe manner.

What should I bring?

Patients should bring to their appointment their California identification or driver’s license. If they are not available, please bring your Passport. Medical records are not required. If accessible, bring them! They may be useful in helping the physician better understand your medical history.

What will I get?

You will receive a medical marijuana recommendation if your symptoms are likely to respond to medical marijuana’s medicinal properties.

Recommendations are Internet verifiable and valid for one year (with infrequent exceptions for pediatric or severe symptoms) and can be presented to any dispensary in California where you can obtain medicinal marijuana.

What about a Medical Marijuana Card?

Your written doctor’s recommendation is your legal document and, along with your California ID, all that is necessary to purchase medical marijuana products from a dispensary.

Patients can also purchase a wallet-sized photo ID card to present to dispensaries (rather than a piece of paper), for an additional cost.